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Ribbon Cutting at 34 Maple Street

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The Smith Mansion

The Smith Mansion

Built some 25 years before H.B. Smith's arrival in Burlington County , the Greek Revival mansion symbolizes in its buildings and gardens the complexity of its most famous owner.

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The Smithville-Mt. Holly Bicycle Railway
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Here are some recent photos I took of Smithville in all its Summer glory. In addition to the natural beauty, you will see photos of Smithville landmarks from unusual vantage points that perhaps only a photographer can appreciate. I have included pictures of 8 and 9 Park Avenue, the future home of the Workers' House Museum and the Hugh Campbell Art Gallery. Also, of the future Visitor's Center, 34 Maple Avenue. There are some neat shots of the Gardner's House and the Gazebo from unique vantage points. Enjoy!

You may watch the slideshow above by clicking on the arrow or click on the link below to go to "Smithville Webshots" to see the photos individually. This first picture shown is the newly constructed "skeleton framework" of the Conservatory at Smithville shown in its original form in the photo below.


Here's a great Smithville picture we just received from Larry Tigar of the Mount Holly Historical Society. How we came upon the picture is an interesting story in itself. Mt. Holly History writer, Dennis C. Rizzo, who wrote "Mount Holly - A Hometown Reinvented" (History Press, 2007) included this picture on page 116- photographically reversed, however - calling it the greenhouses of the Ashurst Estate of Mt. Holly. Dave Potts, a Board Member of the Smithville Conservancy discovered the error and called it to our attention. We contacted Dennis concerning the source of the photo, and that led us to Larry Tigar, who is looking through the Mt. Holly archives for the original.

I am guessing that the picture dates to approximately 1890. The Conservatory was completed in 1883 - one of the last structures on the property completed under H.B. Smith's proprietership. From the look at the plant growth around it, and some discoloration of the foundation, I am guessing that it was about 8 years old at the time of the photo. H.B. Smith died in 1887. There are three other "Smithville" trademarks in the picture: the decorative iron grape arbors to the left of Conservatory and inside the Mansion garden walls and the two bicycles. Along the mansion wall you see a cyclist on the Star Bicycle, manufactured at Smithville, and in the foreground, on the sidewalk in front of the Conservatory, there's a woman on an adult tricycle -- something the Smith Company had been experimenting with. This is, in my opinion, one of the best photos of this section of the property from that period.